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SPN-J2 Big Bang 2013 Wolf Like Me
Fic title: Wolf Like Me
Author name: happysgolucky
Artist name: sillie82
Genre: rps, au
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC17
Word count: 29,993
Summary: Werewolves and humans don’t usually mix, but there are rare times when mates are found among the human population. Jared is a cocky alpha destined to take over when his father retires. He isn’t interested in finding a mate at all, preferring casual hook ups over entanglements. Jensen is a human physical therapist who has no idea that werewolves exist. Destined to meet, this is their love story.

Author Notes: I would like to thank the whole J2/SPN community for providing me so much inspiration with the amazing stories I have found here. They gave me the courage to finally try to write one! I would like to thank my amazing beta, jonjokeat, who gave me so much helpful advice. And a special thanks to sillie82 for the amazing art work for this story. She has amazing talent.

Disclaimer: I don't own these people and make up stories about them for my own enjoyment. No money has been made from this fiction.

Wolf Like Me
Part 4


Jensen’s plan at this point was to just ignore it.  Pretend he hadn’t met Jared and seen what he could….turn into.  It turned out to be impossible.

A few days later Jensen was working in his yard when he felt himself feeling light headed.  Thinking he had gotten too much sun he had gone into the kitchen and gulped down a bottle of water.  The dizziness eased a bit, but he had ended up calling it quits and just lounging on his couch watching The Big Bang Theory reruns for the remainder of the day.

That night he had tossed and turned and when he had finally drifted off, he dreamt of Jared.  The dreams were erotic, Jared’s long, muscular naked body pressed against his, he fingers loosely circling Jensen’s cock as he slipped his tongue into Jensen’s mouth.  Then the scene changed and the wolf was there, eyes twinkling playfully as it chuffed at him and jumped a little, clearly excited.  Jensen was confused, he was much taller than the wolf was, and yet they were eye to eye.  The wolf yipped suddenly and dashed off and as Jensen tried to follow he realized he was on four legs, not two.  He fell on his face and shook his muzzle, sneezing out dirt.  His muzzle?  He was an animal?  Walking carefully so he could adjust to more legs than usual he followed the wolf he knew was Jared farther into a forest.  Jared stopped by a peaceful green lake and barked at Jensen.  Jensen knew he wanted him to stand beside him, and it surprised him he could almost read Jared’s thoughts.  He walked over and stared at Jared’s wolf expectantly and the wolf gestured towards the placid water of the lake, shimmering like a mirror.

Looking down, Jensen didn’t see his own face.  Instead, reflected back at him was the face of a tan colored wolf with his own green eyes.

He jerked awake and lay shivering in his bed, wondering what was happening to him.


Over the next several days, his symptoms just seemed to get worse.  His vision was blurring at odd times, he was breaking into cold sweats with apparently no cause and was not getting much sleep as he was plagued with that same dream over and over again.  He had called in sick to work and even gone to see his doctor, who had assured him there was nothing wrong with him, maybe just a virus.

Chris had been calling and texting him, but he wasn’t interested in speaking to him just yet.  He still hadn’t wrapped his head around Chris knowing something like this and not sharing it with him.  Knowing that about Jared and not warning him.  Jensen had been screwed over many times in his life and he normally didn’t trust people at all.  He had trusted Chris, and now he felt betrayed.

He tried desperately to not think of Jared, but it was futile.  The man was in his head constantly and even invaded his sleep.  He felt a sharp sadness and a hollow, empty feeling in the middle of his chest, like someone had ripped away something important and left him with a hole.

He broke down and called Daneel, his best friend from college.  “What’s up Jackles?” She chirped into the phone and he could picture her sitting cross-legged on her couch, glass of white wine in one hand and phone in the other.  It brought a smile to his lips for the first time in days.

“Hey Danni, I just needed to hear your voice.  I’ve been a little-under the weather.”  Her heard rustling on the other end of the phone and when she spoke her voice had lost the lightness and sounded worried.

“Are you OK? Do you need me to come and take care of you?  Did you go to the Doctor?”

Chuckling weakly at the barrage of questions Jensen shook his head, pressing the handset closer to his ear. “Yes Mom, I saw the Doctor, figures it is some sort of virus, should pass soon.”

He heard her breathe a sigh of relief and then she said, “So what else is new with you?  Meet anyone yet?” 

Despite knowing it was a completely innocent question that she asked every time they spoke, Jensen felt himself stiffen slightly.

“Uhhhhh…sort of.  But nothing is gonna come from it.”

Danni was almost breathless when she said, “Oh my God, you met someone?  Jackles, spill!  I want details, pictures, video if possible.”  Her excitement was almost contagious until he remembered why it wasn’t so great he met someone.

He took a deep breath and began, “His name is Jared.”


After talking to Danni, Jensen had felt a new resolve to try to move past his weird attraction to Jared.  He hadn’t told Danni about the wolf thing, not just because he thought she would think he was full of shit, but also because it was apparently a well guarded secret and he didn’t want to put her in any potential danger.  Leaving that part out, it was hard to explain why he didn’t want to see the other man again and the conversation had ended with him less than satisfied and Danni obviously confused.

Determined to forget about Jared and the crazy events that had taken place, Jensen decided he needed to get out and have some fun.  He put on his tightest jeans that made his ass look incredible, a snug green tee shirt that hugged his chest and arms and tousled his hair in a sexy style.   Grabbing his phone, keys and wallet, he jogged to his car and drove towards a place he knew would help him forget about Jared.

The Wild Stallion was your typical gay bar, right down to the cliché name.  Originally a warehouse located on the waterfront it had been renovated into a neon lit, music thumping mass of sweaty, sexy bodies all writhing together.  Jensen had only been there twice before when he had gotten the urge, but tonight he was determined to find someone to take his mind off of the craziness that was currently his life.

He made his way to the bar through the sea of moving bodies, feeling hands pass over him.  He shot a few grins at men obviously checking him out.  Reaching his destination, he yelled his order at the bartender who licked his lips suggestively and made sure Jensen got a clear view of his ass as he grabbed a beer out of a low refrigerator.  Jensen pulled out his wallet but as he was about to put a ten on the bar, a hand gently touched his wrist.  He looked up in confusion and a good looking man with dark hair and blue eyes was smiling at him charmingly and said, “Allow me.”  The bartender placed the beer in front of Jensen and exchanged a few words but no money with the blue eyed man.  Jensen took a long pull from the bottle and turned to face him.

Putting out his hand and giving his most winning smile, he said, “I’m Jensen.  Thanks for the drink.”  The man smiled sexily at him and took Jensen’s hand in his own, holding it a beat longer than a normal handshake.

“I’m Matt,” he said loudly, never taking his eyes off Jensen, “And I am extremely glad to meet you.”


After a few drinks and yelled conversation over the music, Matt had led Jensen onto the dance floor.  Pressing his chest up to Jensen’s back, they moved in time to the music.  Jensen let his eyes drift closed and tried to concentrate on the feeling of having Matt hold him.  Jared’s face kept popping up into his mind and he tried to shake the image loose, but it was stuck there.  Angry, he turned in Matt’s arms and meeting heated blue eyes, pressed his mouth against the other mans.  Matt’s hands immediately went to Jensen’s ass, pulling him closer and Jensen could feel the man’s hardness against his own, less interested cock.

After a few minutes of making out, Matt pulled away and breathed, “Follow me,” into Jensen’s ear.  Weaving their way through the crowd, Jensen found himself in a darkened room with different couples of men in various stages of sex acts.  Before he could comment, Matt’s mouth was on his again, his tongue forcing itself into Jensen’s mouth.  Jensen started to feel slightly panicked and put both his hands on Matt’s chest to slow him down.  Matt, misreading the signal pulled his mouth away and reached for Jensen’s belt, mumbling about how hot Jensen was and how good it was going to be.  He shoved his hand down Jensen’s jeans and instead of feeling turned on Jensen….

Doubled over in pain.

Grabbing his stomach, he bent over in two, his stomach cramping fiercely.  Realizing he wasn’t kidding around, Matt patted his back and asked him some inane questions about bad fish.  Jensen couldn’t speak, every time he tried to look up at Matt the cramps would overcome him and eventually he was on his hands and knees, panting between the sharp pains.  This wasn’t normal.  He was terrified and at that moment he could only think of one person he wanted to help him.

Pulling out his phone, he handed it to Matt and said, “Guy named Jared.  Please call him.”  At that he bent over again, this time throwing up his stomach contents all over the floor.  Rather than being embarrassed he promptly passed out onto the cement.

The past few days had been some of the worst of Jared’s life.  Knowing Jensen didn’t want him, didn’t want to love him or even see him was excruciating and trying to have the patience to let his mate come to grips with what he was and what their future would be like was testing Jared the way nothing ever had before.

His physical effects had subsided and his father figured it was because Jared had accepted that he was mated and made contact with Jensen.  His father and mother seemed worried about him and the constant despair he was in.  He couldn’t blame them.

He had thrown himself into work, closing a few important deals for Padalecki Enterprises and the rest of the time he worked out.  He avoided Chad and everyone else, going for long solitary runs by himself.  At night, he would open a bottle of whisky and drink until he could fall asleep.  Even then he couldn’t escape Jensen, dreaming of the green eyed man constantly, as a man and as the wolf he would become if he accepted Jared as his mate.  The dreams caused Jared so much sorrow for what might have been, he woke most mornings with dried tears on his cheeks.

After a long run, a shower and a light dinner, Jared had returned to his suite, and had just cracked a new bottle of whisky when his cell phone rang.  Sighing he prepared to press ignore when his stomach dropped and his heart leapt.  It was Jensen.  Trying to keep it cool he pressed talk and said casually, “Hey Jen, I’m glad you called.”  The person on the other end of the phone was not Jensen and after a short, confusing conversation, Jared hung up, grabbed his keys and headed out into the Texas night.


Pulling up in front of the club, Jared was prepared to enter when he saw a dark haired man holding Jensen’s limp body outside on the sidewalk.  Repressing the urge to howl at rage over someone touching his mate, he approached the man, and without a word picked Jensen up in his arms and placed him gently into his truck.  He spared the man one final glance and nodded briefly, hoping it conveyed his gratefulness for the call while also saying he would kill him if he ever touched Jensen again.  By the expression on the man’s face, Jared felt his message had been received.

Driving away from the club, Jared kept darting his eyes back to Jensen.  Even sick and passed out cold the man was beautiful.  His mate.  His other half.  His inner wolf was howling with joy at finally being reunited but human Jared was much less certain.  He had no idea why Jensen had decided to call him when he had fallen ill, but he was grateful. He sped towards his family’s estate, keeping one eye on the road and another on his mate.


Settling his mate in his large bed, Jared called his family doctor and then sought out his parents.  They were in the sitting room, side by side both reading silently, his father’s arm slung over his mother’s shoulder, twisting a piece of her chestnut hair idly between two fingers.  Jared stopped for a moment and just watched them, feeling oddly hollow and sad thinking he may never have that comfort and sense of safety and love with Jensen.

His parent’s both looked up at him expectantly and after seeing the worried look on his face, they had dropped their books and listened as he described the evening events.  His parent’s exchanged looks and Jared huffed impatiently, wondering what they weren’t telling him.  When he insisted, his father, using his Alpha voice that had commanded a pack for 25 years said, “Best we let the doc look at him first, Son, and make sure nothing is really wrong with him.”

At that his parents rose and followed Jared back to his room.

Within half an hour the doctor had arrived and Jared had hovered around him anxiously as he checked out the still unconscious Jensen.  After a few tests and two thumbnails chewed down to the quick, Jared was irritated when the doctor took his stethoscope out of his ears and turned, not to address him, but his father.

“It’s exactly what you thought it was, Alpha.  There is nothing physically wrong with him and he should be awake by morning.  The most important thing is that he know why this is happening.”  Jared was so frustrated at this point, he wanted to strangle the doctor, but his father just nodded as the doctor shook his hand and left.

Jared’s parents shared another look and he finally exploded.  “What the hell is going on?  Why is he so ill?  I mean, I fainted but Jen seems so much worse off.”  His parents looked up at him and his mother gave him a small smile.

“Mind your tone young man, and sit down.  We will tell you everything.”


Jared sat in an armchair he had dragged over beside his bed and watched his mate rest.  He looked so peaceful and still so beautiful Jared’s heart was clenching painfully.  After the way Jensen had reacted to Jared’s confession to being a werewolf, he had no idea how the man would take the most recent news Jared had discovered.

As if realizing Jared was there, Jensen stirred a bit and his long lashes fluttered open.  Confusion marred his expression for a moment and his head turned as he locked his eyes onto Jared.

“What happened?” He rasped and Jared quickly grabbed the glass of water off the table beside the bed, bending the straw so Jensen could take a few long pulls.

“How are you feeling?”  Jared enquired, stalling for time as he drank in his mate.  He was already so in love with the man but he had a bone deep fear that Jensen would never love him back.

“Ok, headache, slightly hungover feeling.  My bones ache.”  Jensen shifted in the big bed and propped himself up on a huge mound of pillows.  With a confused look he said, “Where am I?”

Smiling gently, Jared ran the tips of his fingers over Jensen’s cheekbone and said softly, “You’re at my house.  You had an episode in a club.  What’s the last thing you remember?”

Jensen’s brow furrowed as he tried to concentrate on the evening’s events.  “I was at the club, drinking and dancing with a guy named Matt.  Good looking guy, I was hoping he could make me forget…” at that his gaze swung to Jared’s and Jared held back his wolf, nodded benignly and said, “Go on.”

Jensen nodded jerkily and kept going, “He took me into this private room, looking for some fun I guess, and I got sick and gave him my phone and asked him to call…you.”  Obviously surprising himself with the last sentence, he stared at Jared intently and whispered, “Why you?  Why not Chris?”

Jared gave him another soft smile and reached out with long fingers to caress his mate’s tender skin on the underside of his forearm.  “It’s a mating thing,” he confessed, looking up and locking eyes with Jensen.

“Mating?”  Jensen raised one eyebrow at the word.  Jared gave him a small smile.

“Well, mating is a werewolf thing,” he admitted sheepishly.

He expected scoffing, disbelief and mockery.  Instead, Jensen sighed and leaned back into the pillows, threading his own fingers with Jared’s.  “Tell me.”  He coaxed.


His head was pounding and even in the dimmed lights his eyes felt scratchy and raw.  The water Jared had given him had quenched his thirst for a time and other than the residual feeling from throwing up and passing out, he felt better than he had in days, and wondered why that was.

With resolve he had asked Jared to explain what was happening to him.  Jared seemed genuinely afraid to talk about it and Jensen’s stomach lurched with nerves.  Maybe he was dying?  Or something really debilitating was happening? 

His expression must have reflected his thoughts because Jared reached out to touch him softly and smiled, saying, “It’s nothing bad, but after your previous reaction to my….condition, I am kind of afraid to talk about it.”

Jensen nodded jerkily, his eyes focused on Jared’s face.  “I understand.  I wasn’t exactly calm last time.”  He gave Jared a sheepish half smile and Jared grinned a little.

“Yeah, but who can blame you?  S’not everyday you meet a man that can turn into an awesome looking wolf.”  Jensen chuckled weakly and squeezing Jared’s hand reassuringly, he said, “Tell me, I promise not to freak out.  Much.”

Jared nodded and looked down at their entwined hands for a moment.  Taking a deep breath he began to speak.

“My kind has always existed as far as I know.  My family alone goes back so many generations, I have lost count.  We are peaceful and like I said, we don’t harm humans.  We just change into animals once in a while, have great stamina, don’t age very much and…..we mate for-uh-life.”  With that he looked at Jensen nervously.  Jensen nodded again and said, “Ok, I get it so far, what does it have to do with me?”

Jared’s cheeks pinkened and he looked down again, mumbling, “Well, you are mine.”

Jensen was lost.  “Your what?”

Jared glanced up at him through his bangs and smiled slightly.  “My mate.”

It took a moment for the words to sink into Jensen’s brain and make sense.  He was Jared’s mate.  What the hell did that mean?  He couldn’t reason it out, so he said out loud.  “What the hell does that mean?”

Now Jared looked extremely nervous and almost afraid of Jensen.  Jensen tried to smile and look reassuring, but he was freaking the fuck out.

“OK,” Jared began, eyeing Jensen nervously, “Keep in mind I just found out about most of this myself just in the last week.  Up until tonight I had no idea the extent of the effects of mating or what happens to a human like-‘” he stopped and gestured towards Jensen, “You until after the Doctor came and saw you and I talked with my parents.”

Now Jensen really wanted to freak out.  What was going to happen exactly?  Motioning to Jared in a ‘continue’ gesture, he waited as patiently as possible, while Jared traced patterns on his hand that was still trapped in Jared’s larger one.  Finally, he huffed out a breath that must have sounded annoyed and Jared’s eyes came up to meet his.

Speaking softly, Jared said, “When a wolf mates, it is as much about biology as it is about magic.  Usually, when a wolf finds his “mate” it’s another wolf and there is a knowledge ingrained in both from our culture about what is happening.  It is very rare for a wolf, particularly an Alpha like me-,” his cheeks reddened again and his gaze left Jensen’s, hiding his eyes below his lashes, he continued.  “To find a human mate because we are genetically bound to our wolf in a different way because we are the leaders.”

He paused and reached for the water, bending the straw and lifting it to Jensen’s mouth once again, his eyes focusing on Jensen’s lips. Despite the concern, fear and general physical exhaustion he felt, Jensen could feel his body reacting to Jared’s proximity.  As he sipped, their eyes locked and Jared looked like he was almost physically holding himself back from Jensen.

Placing the water back, Jared stood suddenly and paced around slowly, his hand coming up to rake through his already disheveled hair.  “I can’t believe I had no idea about this.  I mean, sure I get that most wolves don’t fall for humans, but I had no idea how unusual it truly was until the Doctor came.”  Pausing at the end of the bed, he looked at Jensen levelly.  “This is going to change your life in ways I am not sure you are prepared for.  Or that even I am prepared for.  I didn’t realize how sick you were going to get or I swear I would have come to you and forced you to spend time with me”  He continued his pacing and Jensen watched him for a moment and then finally said, “Well you can’t force life changes on me.  That’s ridiculous.  I decide what happens in my own life.”  The words sounded hollow even to his own ears and he gulped and glanced up at Jared fearfully. 


Jared stopped pacing and looked at Jensen, coming back to his bedside in two long strides and reaching once more for his hand.  Jensen felt some of his fear dissolve away quickly at the small amount of contact.

“There isn’t an easy way to say this Jen, so I am just going to lay it out there for you.”  Taking a deep breath once again, Jared squared his shoulders and said, “When we met in the bar, my wolf knew you instantly.  To my wolf, you are now mine, forever.   I will be with no others, I will place no other above you, and I will worship you as my beta until the end of our existence.”

That didn’t sound all that bad to Jensen, so he raised an eyebrow at Jared for him to go on.  Jared said softly, “The reaction you had last night was because although you are human, your body, your soul innately belongs to me and my wolf.  When you attempted to have-“ at this Jared stops and Jensen can see he is physically controlling himself with deep breathing before continuing, “-relations with another, your body reacted violently because you are not to be with another.  Not after we have met and my wolf has recognized you.  Can I ask you something?”

Jensen felt a little shell shocked but managed to say, “Of course.”

Jared gaze was searing as he said, “Have you been feeling strange the past few days, headaches, lightheadedness, body aches?”

Jensen nodded absently and said, “Yeah actually, I got lightheaded working on my house the other day, and I have felt stiff and just…off since you were at my house.  Even before that really.”  The confusion he was feeling must have been evident because Jared nodded at him and patted his hand.

“It’s a mate thing.  It is because we met but then were apart physically before the claiming had been done.  Once that is over with, we can be apart from one another although neither one of us will want to be away from the other for any length of time.  I went through some of it myself after we first met in the bar because I was trying to avoid the fact we mated-” at that he looked at Jensen with a slightly guilty expression.

“But I didn’t have a clue that because you are human you would be so much more affected physically by all of this.”

Jensen absorbed this information and then asked, “What exactly does being your mate mean?  Why will my life change?”

Jared sighed softly and said, “First of all, despite you being human, my wolf has recognized you. When that happened, your soul became a part of mine and now you will never be able to be with another.  It will always be me.  Second, you will have to change, your body is probably physically preparing for it as we speak…”

Jensen jerked up and said, “Physically preparing?”

Jared nodded and said, “I am an alpha, which means, I have a knot, you know….” His gaze falling to his own crotch, “There.  You, as my mate, your body is changing already in anticipation of me claiming you, and for your change into a wolf.”

Jensen stared at Jared in horror.  “Change into a wolf?”

Jensen had seemed to be taking a lot of the mating talk in stride and Jared was relieved, but he knew it was because Jensen had been ill and was probably not absorbing all the information that Jared was giving him.  When he saw Jensen’s terrified reaction to the notion he would turn into a wolf, his heart had sunk.  Somehow he had almost fooled himself into believing that Jensen would accept the inevitable and fall into his arms.

Instead, his mate had stared at him unblinking for three straight minutes before mumbling that he was tired, and asking Jared to turn off the light as he left the room.  Jared had done so grimly, thinking ‘message received’ to himself.

Now in the guest room down the hall, he stared up at the ceiling terrified at what the next day would bring.



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