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SPN-J2 Big Bang 2013 Wolf Like Me
Fic title: Wolf Like Me
Author name: happysgolucky
Artist name: sillie82
Genre: rps, au
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC17
Word count: 29,993
Summary: Werewolves and humans don’t usually mix, but there are rare times when mates are found among the human population. Jared is a cocky alpha destined to take over when his father retires. He isn’t interested in finding a mate at all, preferring casual hook ups over entanglements. Jensen is a human physical therapist who has no idea that werewolves exist. Destined to meet, this is their love story.

Author Notes: I would like to thank the whole J2/SPN community for providing me so much inspiration with the amazing stories I have found here. They gave me the courage to finally try to write one! I would like to thank my amazing beta, jonjokeat, who gave me so much helpful advice. And a special thanks to sillie82 for the amazing art work for this story. She has amazing talent.

Disclaimer: I don't own these people and make up stories about them for my own enjoyment. No money has been made from this fiction.

Wolf Like Me
Part 5

When Jared slowly woke midmorning he felt hotter than usual and tried to flip the blanket off that was creating so much heat.  He was met with a slight growl and soft hair tickling his chin.  He opened his eyes and was shocked to find Jensen sprawled on his chest, completely asleep.  Fighting to keep him and his wolf calm, Jared tentatively reached up and put his arms around his mate.  Jensen’s skin was warm and soft, sprinkled with freckles that Jared wanted to lick and bite repeatedly.  His long lashes were casting shadows along his cheekbones, and his full, luscious lips were puffing out even breaths.  When Jared gave into the temptation and stroked his hand down the man’s body, Jensen sighed in his sleep, burrowing his face farther into Jared’s chest and moving his leg between Jared’s.

Jared was slightly panicked at the idea of being naked in bed with his mate that he had not yet claimed.  He had heard different stories about Alpha’s who’d been incapable of holding back and had hurt or scared their mate in the process.  And those were all wolves.  Humans were so much more fragile, he was afraid that one wrong move and he would damage Jensen.

As if suddenly aware he was being thought about, Jensen’s lashes fluttered open and his green eyes locked with Jared’s.  Jared swallowed and tried to give his mate a reassuring smile, patting him lightly on the back.  Jensen’s expression went from sleep muddled to shock to embarrassment in an instant.  He pulled away from Jared.

“How did I----when did I--?” Looking around the room it was easy to see Jensen was realizing that he had come to Jared’s room at some point during the night.  He looked down at himself.  “Why am I naked?”

Jared couldn’t help but let his eyes wander down his mate’s muscular frame as he licked his lips and grinned a little.  “I have no idea, but I can honestly say this is the best way I have ever been woken up in my life.”

At that Jensen looked at him, and for a moment Jared saw affection in his mate’s eyes.  His heart skipped a beat. 

Taking a chance he stroked his long fingers down Jensen’s chest and smiled shyly again.  “Good morning, Jen.”

Jensen’s face had reddened under Jared’s direct gaze and his stomach quivered as Jared’s fingers passed over it.  He leaned down suddenly and sealed his lips over Jared’s, and the room began to spin.

Groaning Jared brought his hands up to the sides of his mate’s face and deepened the kiss, letting his tongue sweep into Jensen’s mouth.  Jensen let out a small noise and tried to move closer, his hands skimming down Jared’s chest as he scrambled for purchase.  With a growl, Jared grabbed his mate and flipped him onto his back, looming over him and capturing his mouth again. He inserted his leg between Jensen’s and groaned when he felt his mate’s legs open in invitation.  Shifting slightly brought their erections together and he pushed forward, grinding against Jensen.  Jensen responded by arching his back off the bed to bring them even closer, wrapping his arms around Jared’s muscular back.

They moved together frantically and Jared almost lost it when he felt Jensen’s fingers grab his ass and pull him even closer.  Staring into each other’s eyes and panting into each other’s mouths they moved in unison.  Jared bent to lick and suck at his mate’s neck and Jensen whispered, “Oh god, I want you to fuck me so bad Jared.”  Jared groaned and buried his head in Jensen’s neck.

“Fuck Jen, me too, can’t wait until I can claim you and bury my knot so deep in you---“ As if realizing what he was saying he jerked his head up to stare at Jensen who, instead of looking repulsed or scared was biting his lip and pushing even faster against Jared.

“Oh god, gonna feel so good, can’t wait to have your knot, Alpha.”  Hearing Jensen call him Alpha was all Jared needed.  He stuttered a few times and came, his eyes rolling back into his head. He heard Jensen groan and felt the warm stickiness of his mate coming between them.  They exchanged open mouthed, lazy wet kisses as they came down from their orgasms.

Suddenly, Jensen shifted slightly away and met Jared’s eyes.  “I called you Alpha right before….” His green eyes looked confused and unsure as he searched Jared’s face for the answers he needed.

Jared nodded and leaned down to kiss Jensen’s chin.  “I know. God when I heard that, I came instantly. You are so hot Jen, my mate, my one. “

Jensen breathed deeply and pulled into a sitting position but didn’t distance himself completely from Jared.  Tangling their fingers together lightly he said softly.  “Jared I really need to know what is going to happen here.”

Jared stared at him for a few moments and then said resignedly, “Are you sure?”

Jensen chuckled weakly and said, “No, but I think it’s time I know exactly what I am in for.  There are clearly things at work here that I don’t understand.”

Nodding, Jared sat up and leaned against the headboard, his gaze level and serious.  “I will tell you everything I know.”


The cool breeze ruffled his hair slightly and Jensen burrowed down into the blanket against the cold Texas day.  The porch swing was huge and he was curled up on one side of it, swinging slightly and staring off into the distance.  The expansive grounds of the Padalecki Estate were beautiful but he couldn’t concentrate much on the scenery.  Instead, his mind kept replaying the conversation he had with Jared in the guest bedroom a few hours ago.

The sex had been addictive it was so good and Jensen could hardly wrap his head around the idea that it apparently got so much better, although Jared had insisted that it did.   But it wasn’t just about sex, not for Jensen and clearly not for Jared.

Jensen sighed slightly to himself and raised the coffee cup he was holding to his lips.  After their conversation, he had told Jared that he needed some time alone.  Jared had looked slightly hurt but had nodded as Jensen dressed in his discarded clothes and he had walked Jensen back to his room.  At the door, Jared had kissed him gently, reverently and said he would send a housekeeper up to assist Jensen in any way he wished.

Jensen’s wish was to be left alone with his thoughts so after a quick shower he had emerged from Jared’s bathroom to find new clothes laid out on the large bed, all in his size and even style.  He had chuckled a little to himself at the absurdity of wealth.  And the convenience.

Dressing quickly he followed the housekeeper who had obviously made the bed, laid out the clothes and then retreated to the hallway until Jensen  emerged before leading him down a flight of stairs.  Jensen had said he wanted to be outside and she had led him to the swing, brought him the thick blanket and set up a small table with snacks and a carafe of coffee for him.

Now that he was all alone with only the occasional bird song to keep him company, there was nothing to distract him from what he had learned earlier in the day.

He had asked Jared exactly what was happening to him, but he had been as woefully unprepared for the answer as he had been for Jared’s transformation in his own living room a short time ago.  It was almost like his brain refused to accept that this ludicrous situation he was currently involved in was reality.

According to Jared, Jensen was about to go through huge physical, mental and emotional changes to make him into Jared’s perfect mate prior to the “claiming”.  The word was bitter on his lips; it seemed archaic and animalistic, although they both certainly applied to the situation.  His body/soul/whatever had already responded to Jared’s wolf apparently.  He wanted to deny it, but knew there was no use.  Since meeting Jared he had been ill being away from him, and the closer they got, the harder it was for him when they were apart.  Even now he felt hollow and sad and he had been with the man just a few short hours ago.

When Jared “claimed” him, this would make him a wolf just like Jared.  Because Jensen is Jared’s mate but human, his body was going through the process of preparing itself to be at Jared’s side.  His muscles were defining themselves even more than they were previously, his endurance and stamina levels were rising and his vision and hearing were improving drastically.  Jared had been embarrassed to tell Jensen the other part of his “transformation” but he had managed to get it out of the taller man.  Because Jared was an “Alpha” Jensen’s body was preparing to receive his knot.  This meant that his hole was beginning to self lubricate and clenching and unclenching itself like some weird wolf version of “Kegels”.  At Jared’s mention of the lubrication, he had felt a slight wetness in his ass and had felt bile rise in his throat.  He didn’t have an aversion to being the “bottom” in a relationship, he preferred it, what was really bothering him was that he wasn’t given a choice about any of this.  Jared’s assurance that despite Jensen being a Beta, as a male he couldn’t get pregnant did very little to reassure him.

Sure, he’d thought Jared was gorgeous when he’d first met him and the dinner at his house had just made him more attracted to the man.  Even after finding out about Jared’s “heritage” he couldn’t stop desiring him.  The incident at the bar not just reinforced what Jared had already told him, but made him realize that he had no control over what was happening.  After this morning, it was obvious they were attracted to one another and Jensen could feel himself harden slightly just thinking about Jared’s naked muscular frame draped over his own, his large cock rubbing against his until…..

Shaking his head slightly to clear his mind from thoughts of the morning sex, he tried to focus on the fact that this was happening whether he wanted it or not.  Jared had promised not to push him until he had time to think things over and for that he was grateful.    He turned the information over in his head a few times.  Would it be so bad?  Living in a luxurious place like this, partnered for life with a beautiful man who clearly adored him, and who would be completely faithful?  Jensen liked the idea of that.  In the past, he had only had two semi-serious relationships and both times he had been cheated on.  One of his exes had told him that gay men just couldn’t be faithful, they weren’t wired that way.  Jensen had looked at Darcy in disbelief and had walked away from him.  He believed in monogamy and being a gay man didn’t change that.  He wanted to get married one day, maybe not in Texas but some other state where it was legal.  So, having someone like Jared devoted to him seemed like a mark in the plus column.

No, he decided to himself, it wasn’t being paired for life with Jared that was bothering him.  That felt more right than any other situation he had been in.  He could already feel himself forming a strong emotional attachment to the man on top of the magnetic physical pull he felt around Jared.  What bothered him besides the idea of not being given a choice himself was the wolf thing.  Apparently he had to become a wolf.  In fact, there would be a “claiming” ceremony where first Jared would bite him and then he himself would have to drink Jared’s blood.  It was to be done prior to the full moon and then Jensen would transform for the first time.  The idea of that terrified him.  Turning into an animal at will?  Did it hurt?  Would he have control over it?  Would he be able to continue his career in physical therapy?  There were so many doubts and questions swirling around in his mind.  Then there was the whole “Beta” thing.  Jared was the next intended Alpha of the Dallas Pack which would apparently mean Jensen would rule by his side. Jensen wasn’t sure he was capable of that.  He was shy and unsure around strangers at the best of times, and he had no idea what being a beta would mean for him.

He rose from his position on the swing stiffly, realizing that his time alone had given him more questions than answers.

Leaving Jensen alone at his home while he went into the office for a few hours was harder than Jared had anticipated.  He sat in his office, trying to work but managing only to stare out the window morosely.  He wished he could just magically make Jensen see how wonderful their life together could be if he just accepted it as Jared had eventually done.  Of course, Jared had been raised around mated couples and seen the absolute love and devotion that accompanied a mating.  He knew the freedom and thrill of transforming into his wolf at will.  He needed to remind himself that all of this was completely new and unreal to Jensen.  Up until a few days ago, Jensen had had no idea that werewolves existed, much less that he would find himself mated to one and becoming a wolf himself.

Jared pushed back his hair impatiently, annoyed at himself for not being more understanding to his mate’s predicament.  He needed to give Jensen as much time as he needed to get used to everything.  No matter how impatient he himself was to claim Jensen and make him his forever.

A sharp knock on his door pulled him from his reverie and he watched Genevieve walk into his office with a sexy smile and seductive walk.  He bit back a sigh of annoyance.  Genevieve was originally from the Southern California pack and had moved to Dallas 18 months ago to work at   Padalecki Enterprises.  She was smart but bothersome.  She had set her sights on Jared the moment she had seen him and despite them clearly not being mates, she constantly flirted with him.  He hadn’t wanted to get involved with anyone from the office for his usual one night stand, so despite her being beautiful, he had let her down gently but firmly.  Not that it had stopped her consistent seduction routine.  He tried to smile slightly at her and said, “What’s up, Gen?”

She perched on the side of his desk giving him a good view of gorgeous legs and ruffled his hair.  He rolled his office chair back slightly out of her reach.

Huffing out a small sound of annoyance she said, “You look tired Jared, everything OK?”  She was the type of person you were never sure was being sincere or not.  Her interactions with him seemed almost saccharine in their sweetness and it made him uncomfortable.

Running a hand down the side of his face tiredly he said, “Yeah, just this whole mating thing is more complicated than I imagined it would be.”

She jumped up immediately, her dark eyes narrowing on him.  “You.  Mated?”  She looked almost angry and he found himself nodding unconsciously.

“Ummmm, yeah, over a week ago.  It’s not the usual type of situation though.”  He couldn’t help the sad tone his voice took as he said the words.

Slowly, she moved to sit in one of the chairs across the desk from him and her tone softened slightly.  “What do you mean, usual?”

Jared laughed weakly and said, “Well, my mate is a human who had no idea that wolves existed.  He isn’t too happy with the situation.  I left him at my place for a few hours so he could absorb….everything, I guess.”

Genevieve’s mouth dropped open in shock.  “You mated with a human? A male human?”

Jared nodded.  “Yup.”

She shook her head slightly and said, “But you’re an Alpha. How can you mate with a male?  And a human?”

Jared shrugged and said, “I have no idea, it’s just chemistry I guess.  He is really beautiful and wonderful though.  I mean,” at his next words he felt a blush rise to his cheeks and he looked down, embarrassed, “I love him.  I just wish it was easier on him.”

Genevieve stood up so fast her chair almost fell over.  “Jared, you are the next leader of this pack.  You can’t mate with a male or a human.  How are you to have an heir?”

Jared blinked up at her wearily and said, “I will worry about that once I get my mate to agree to me claiming him.”

Genevieve sputtered suddenly, “He doesn’t want you?  Maybe he isn’t your mate then.”  She was trying to sound sweet but Jared could hear the hopeful sound of her voice and his face hardened as he stood up.

“No, Jensen is my mate.  It has been confirmed by my father and the pack Doctor.  I should get going Gen.”  He shoved some papers into his leather messenger bag and headed for the door.  “See ya,” he called over his shoulder, disappearing quickly down the hall, suddenly very eager to get back to Jensen.

He didn’t see Genevieve’s angry expression or her pulling out her cell phone.  She dialed quickly and when the party on the other end picked up, she said, “Jeff, I just got some news I think you will be very interested in.  Meet at my place, 7:00 pm.”  She pocketed her cell phone and left Jared’s office, a small, satisfied smirk on her face.  She didn’t see Chad standing a foot away from Jared’s office door, her footsteps silent as she moved quickly down the plush carpeted hallway.

Approaching Jared’s office to find out how things were going with Jensen, Chad had almost reached the door when he saw Jared rush down the hallway.  He’d been about to call out and chase him down when he’d heard Genevieve’s voice talking to someone who was obviously Jeffrey Dean Morgan, a pack Alpha who acted like he was happy just being part of the pack but clearly wanted to be the leader. Chad had always thought there was something going on between them, even though she was nauseating in her pursuit of Jared.  She was more about power than truly mating or love.  Chad couldn’t stand her.

He swallowed hard and tried to think what he should do.  Jared had so much going on with Jensen, he was loathe to put anything else on his friends plate.  After a few moments, he pulled out his own cell phone, dialed a rarely called number and breathed out slowly.

“Yes, Chad, what can I help you with?”  Despite being Jared’s best friend, the voice of Gerald Padalecki, his Alpha, never failed to make Chad feel like a stupid pup.

“Sir, I need to talk to you as soon as possible.  It concerns Jared and his----mate.”  He swallowed hard at the words.

Gerry was silent for a moment and then said, “Give me fifteen minutes to wrap things up and then come to my office.  Oh and Chad?”

Chad started at the sound of his name.  “Yes Sir?”

“Bring me some coffee when you come?”  Chad nodded at the phone before remembering that his Alpha couldn’t actually see him. He stuttered out.  “Of course sir.  Coffee.”

As he went to click off his phone, he swore he heard his Alpha chuckling.

Jensen was sitting in Jared’s bedroom when the door suddenly opened.  Jared stood quietly in the doorway for a moment, his large frame almost taking up the entire space as he gazed at Jensen with a look that was a combination of sadness, desire and fear.  Jensen sighed slightly and smiled at him.  He had come to realize that none of this was Jared’s doing and it would do him no good to be at odds with his….mate.

Jared smiled back with relief and walked farther into the room, putting a worn but expensive looking leather messenger bag down on a table.  “How was the rest of your day, Jen?”  His voice was soft, but as soon as Jensen heard it, he felt more at ease.

“OK,” he answered, “I sat outside for a while.  Did some thinking about---things.”  Jared turned to look at him and when their eyes met Jensen swore electricity passed between them.  This mating thing had to be real, because every time he saw Jared his feelings seemed to get stronger, he felt more out of control in his attraction to the other man.   Jared seemed frozen in his gaze for a few moments before shaking his head slightly and grinning.  “You want a beer?”

Jensen nodded and watched Jared pull a beer out of what had looked like a cabinet but was apparently a mini refrigerator.  “You hungry?”  He called over his shoulder as he bent to retrieve the beers and Jensen’s face heated as he realized he had been staring at Jared’s perfect ass.  Coughing to cover up the sudden flame of desire that had sparked up in him, he said, “Yeah, I guess.  A little bit.” 

Straightening up, Jared crossed to a phone on his bedside table and made a call that sounded like he was ordering food.  Jensen shook his head slowly, wondering what it was like to live in the world’s most comfortable, opulent hotel ever.

Replacing the cordless phone in its cradle, Jared crossed the room, handed Jensen a beer and sat beside him on the sofa.  Jensen busied himself removing the cap from his beer and tried to ignore the heat he felt with Jared so close to him.

After a minute of silence, Jared finally spoke.  “So, you uh---thought about things today, huh?  Should I be afraid to ask?”  Jensen looked over at Jared, who was trying to smile but it did nothing to hide the hope/fear that was on his face.  Without thinking, Jensen put his hand in Jared’s.

“Don’t look so terrified Jay, it’s nothing bad.  Not really.”  He caught the strange expression on Jared’s face and frowned.  “What?  What is it?”

Jared grinned and squeezed his fingers slightly.  “Nothing, you called me Jay.  You haven’t called me that before.  I---liked it.”  He blushed slightly and looked down at their joined hands.  Jensen felt himself smiling again and realized he spent a lot of time doing that when he was with Jared.

Jensen took a gulp of beer and spoke again.  “Well, I’m glad you like it.  I realized today that this isn’t your fault and I want you to know I don’t blame you for any of this.  It’s just a lot to take in.  I don’t think I would have a problem being in a relationship with you, I mean, clearly we,” he gestured between them with their linked hands, “have something between us.  I guess I just have some reservations about the rest of it.”

Jared stared at him and nodded saying, “Like turning into a furry beast at will?”

Jensen laughed despite himself and said, “Yes, that is one of the things for sure.  I mean, does it hurt?”  He watched Jared carefully as Jared considered for a moment before answering.

“No, Jen, not really.  It probably will be strange at first, feeling your whole body changing all at once and I don’t know too many wolves who were only humans prior so I don’t know for sure, but for me, it’s really the most freeing, wonderful experience.  When I’m my wolf, I can just…” he paused for a moment, looking as if he was trying to come up with something to explain how he felt, “I can just be myself.  No pressure, nothing to live up to, no one to impress, just being myself at my most basic, instinctual level.  There is nothing like it.”

Jensen absorbed Jared’s words and for the first time thought that was something he might enjoy.  Being able to just be free from all the worry and stress his daily life brought him.  He could imagine it, running with Jared in the moonlight through a dark forest.  It felt…right.

“What about my job, my friends, my family?”  For some reason he didn’t want Jared to know that he only really had Chris and Danneel as friends and his family hadn’t been in his life since he came out to them right before college.  His parents were extremely religious and his father had said “No son of mine is a faggot,” and that was pretty much the last time Jensen had talked to them.

Jared smiled at him reassuringly.  “Well, Chris already knows and has pack experience and you could tell your family if you thought they might understand---“

Jensen burst out suddenly, “My family hates me and Chris is my only friend.  Well him and Danni but she lives in San Antonio right now.  She was my best friend in college.” He felt his throat constrict at the admission and wondered if this was the moment when Jared would realize Jensen was a big mistake.  Even his own family didn’t love him.

Instead he felt Jared’s muscular arms wrap around him and he was tugged into a broad chest.  “Oh Jen,” Jared breathed into his hair.  “I am so sorry for you. That isn’t fair.  But you have me now, my family, the whole pack even.  More family than you can handle, I promise you that much.”  He placed soft kisses on Jensen’s head and Jensen felt himself melting at the contact.  He moved away from Jared long enough to wrap his own arms around Jared’s neck and kissed his lips softly.  They tasted like coffee and sugar, still chilled slightly from the drink of beer Jared had just taken, and he deepened the kiss without thinking.  Jared was a drug and Jensen knew he was already hopelessly hooked.

As the kiss grew more heated between them, he felt Jared’s hands clutch him trying to drag him closer.  Jared’s lips left his to blaze a trail down his neck and he buried his hands in Jared’s hair and inhaled deeply.  And immediately pulled back.

“What’s that smell?”  He demanded angrily, confused at his own his reaction.

Jared looked dazed from the make out session and confused.  “Smell?”  He said stupidly.

“Yes Jared,” Jensen hissed, standing up quickly, “You smell like someone else.  Who have you been touching?  Who has been touching you?- “  He didn’t even understand why he was angry, what he was smelling, but some baser instinct inside him had identified that someone had been touching his mate.  And he didn’t like it one bit.

Jared thought for a second and then stood up quickly, pulling Jensen into his arms. “Oh, Genevieve touched my hair at the office.  She is a beta, really annoying.  I told her about you.”

Jensen must not have looked convinced because Jared smiled down at him and placed light kisses on his face.  “Jen, remember at the bar the other night?”  Jensen nodded, distracted by Jared’s lips.  “I can’t be with anyone else either.  You are it for me.  My mate. My love.”  He kissed Jensen deeply and despite his growing desire, Jensen pushed him away.

Snarling slightly Jensen snapped.  “OK, I believe you, but go take a shower so I can’t smell her on you.  It’s making me…violent.”  He wished Jared didn’t look so damn happy at that admission.

He bent down to sneak one more kiss out of Jensen before grinning and saying, “Be right back,” then dashing for the bathroom.

When he was alone once more Jensen sank down on the couch and thought, ‘there is no way out of this, is there?’  For the first time, the thought made him happy and not miserable.


He couldn’t stop smiling as he ran the water in his shower and quickly stripped out of his clothes.  Jensen recognizing Genevieve’s smell on him and his reaction had made his heart swell.  His mate was definitely coming around and Jared was so happy.  The more time he spent with Jensen, the more he fell for him.  He was sweet, sexy, shy and intelligent and Jared just wanted to hold him forever.  Which he hoped happened sooner rather than later, because just kissing the man gave him the biggest hard on, and even the tepid water of the shower wasn’t doing much to dissipate it.

He dipped his head under the spray and started when he heard the door open.  Jensen was there, gorgeous, biting his full bottom lip and completely naked.  With a searing look he said, “Mind if I join you?”

Jared almost tripped in his haste to drag Jensen into the large shower with him.  He wrapped his arms around him and their lips met under the warm rain of water.  He felt Jensen’s tongue touch his lips and he opened his mouth in invitation, his hands on Jensen’s hips instinctively pulling the smaller man closer.  They kissed for several minutes and Jared couldn’t help it when he pushed Jensen against the wall, grinding up against him.  His mate was the sexiest person he had ever been with and he knew he could never get enough of him.

Jensen surprised him when he suddenly flipped their positions, pushing Jared into the cool tiles of the shower and pressing into him, kissing him hungrily.  He pulled away and Jared found himself lost in the man’s green eyes, fringed with dark lashes, drops of water clinging to them, his lips swollen and red from the intense kisses that had passed between them. 

Without warning, Jensen slid to his knees and Jared closed his eyes and threw his head back, hitting the tiles with a soft thump.  Not wanting to miss a moment, he forced his eyes open again and looked down at Jensen, kneeling between his legs, staring at his cock appreciatively.

“Mmmmmm,” Jensen said softly, reaching out to encircle him with tentative fingers.  Pulling himself closer, he licked the head of Jared’s cock and closed his eyes as if it was the best thing ever.  Jared was so turned on from just that amount of contact he found himself breathing deeply so he didn’t blow his load.  He had been the recipient of a fair amount of blow jobs, ranging from great to good to half assed to oh my god let go of my dick, but nothing had prepared him for Jensen.  He stared down in fascination as he watched Jensen take him into his warm mouth, eyes closed in obvious pleasure, hand working the length of the shaft he couldn’t fit in his mouth.  Jared tried not to thrust too deeply, he didn’t want to choke his mate, but he couldn’t stop moving, moans falling from his lips involuntarily.  He could feel his knot swelling and when Jensen’s fingers closed around it, his gaze locked with Jensen’s.  Jared expected revulsion and instead, Jensen moaned loudly around his dick and stroked his knot, encouraging Jared to thrust deeper into his mouth.

Unable to hold back any longer, Jared found himself fucking into Jensen’s warm mouth desperately, staring down at his mate whose eyes were closed and hand worked him over expertly.  He put his hands on each side of Jen’s head and held him there, forcing him to take him deeper, while Jensen just moaned louder and begged for more.  Jared felt his release building and pulled at Jensen’s hair in warning, but Jen just sucked him down harder and Jared cried out as he spilled in his mate’s mouth.  Jensen took everything he had and when it was over, he looked up at Jared seductively and licked his lips.  In a flash, Jared hauled Jensen up to him and kissed him eagerly, tasting his own release in Jen’s mouth, then turned and slammed his lover against the tiles.  Without breaking the kiss, he reached between them and took Jensen’s hard cock in his hand, working it quickly. Jensen moaned loudly into his mouth and thrust himself wantonly into Jared’s palm.

Backing away slightly, he watched his mate lose control, eyes half closed, lips puffy and slick, with loud moans spilling from them.  With a final, “oh god, Jared, yes.” He came all over Jared’s hand.  Jared worked him through the orgasm, planting hot kisses everywhere he could touch.

Opening his eyes after a few moments, Jensen smiled sleepily at him and said, “That was great.  Now use shampoo, I can still smell that bitch on you.”  And without another word he climbed out of the shower, grabbing a fluffy towel on his way out of the room.

Jared stared after him open mouthed for a moment.  God, was he in love.


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