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SPN-J2 Big Bang 2013 Wolf Like Me
Fic title: Wolf Like Me
Author name: happysgolucky
Artist name: sillie82
Genre: rps, au
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC17
Word count: 29,993
Summary: Werewolves and humans don’t usually mix, but there are rare times when mates are found among the human population. Jared is a cocky alpha destined to take over when his father retires. He isn’t interested in finding a mate at all, preferring casual hook ups over entanglements. Jensen is a human physical therapist who has no idea that werewolves exist. Destined to meet, this is their love story.

Author Notes: I would like to thank the whole J2/SPN community for providing me so much inspiration with the amazing stories I have found here. They gave me the courage to finally try to write one! I would like to thank my amazing beta, jonjokeat, who gave me so much helpful advice. And a special thanks to sillie82 for the amazing art work for this story. She has amazing talent.

Disclaimer: I don't own these people and make up stories about them for my own enjoyment. No money has been made from this fiction.

Wolf Like Me
Part 7

After a couple of hours, the cabin came into sight and Jared breathed a sigh of relief.  He didn’t know how much longer he could remain enclosed in his truck cab with the scent of his delectable mate without pulling over and consummating their mating in a very inappropriate spot.

The lights were on in the large, wooden, A-framed structure and Jared felt a burst of pride at the look of awe on Jensen’s face.  It was a beautiful spot.  In the middle of nowhere, fully functional and ascetically pleasing.  He pulled up front and turned off the ignition.  He turned to look at Jensen, who was still staring at the place in obvious disbelief.  “Here we are,” he said too loudly, listening to the words echo in the small confines of the truck.  Jensen looked over at him and smiled shyly.

“Let’s check it out.”  He looked beautiful in the tailored gray suit, white shirt and emerald green tie that he had changed into for the reception.  Jared could not wait to tear it off of him.  With a grin, he bounced out of the truck, collected their luggage and made his way to the front door.

Jared unlocked the door and waited for Jensen to enter before following him in with the luggage.  Jensen headed for the floor to ceiling fireplace that was already lit while Jared said, “just a sec” and carried their luggage to the bedroom on the first floor.  When he returned Jensen was seated on a large leather sofa, still staring at the fire.

“It was already lit,” he said to Jared, unable to tear his eyes away.

“Yeah,” Jared admitted, “They knew our approximate arrival time and got everything ready for us. In fact….” At that he went to the kitchen to find a bottle of champagne on ice with two flutes and a note reading, “Congratulations”.  He poured two glasses and returned to his mate on the sofa.

“Champagne?”  He inquired, handing Jensen the glass. Jen took it absently but then turned to Jared with an incredulous look.  “This is normal to you?  People doing all of this for no reason?”

Jared smiled and clinked his glass against Jensen’s.  “But there is a reason.  We mated, I claimed you.  It’s a big deal.  People want to be a part of that.”

Jensen pressed.  “So every couple who mates gets treated this way?”

Jared blushed and looked down.  “Maybe not the whole shebang but I am the Alpha’s only son, so it’s a bit special.”

Jensen looked back at the fire and nodded, as if making a decision.  Turning his moss green eyes up to Jared’s he swallowed the rest of his champagne in one gulp and said, “Let’s go to bed.”

No one could blame Jared if he tripped over his own feet racing to the bedroom.

It wasn’t the first time they had been naked or in a bed together, yet his nerves kicked in as they stood on opposite sides of the bed, undressing.  Jared’s eyes were locked on his until Jensen removed his shirt and his eyes trailed down his chest.  Jared removed his own clothing and Jensen marveled at his mate’s perfect physique.

Completely naked, Jared kneeled on the bed, waiting patiently for Jensen to remove the last of his clothing.  Feeling shy, Jensen stood by the bed for a moment, until Jared held out his hand.  He kneeled on the bed face to face with Jared, unsure of what to do.

Jared smiled into his eyes and leaned forward, kissing him gently, his big hands falling to Jensen’s hip bones, pulling him closer.  He broke the kiss and looked down at the claiming scar on Jensen’s hip, already healing, tracing it with his fingers.  “Mine,” he murmured almost absently.

Jensen pulled Jared’s head up to stare into his eyes for a moment and whispered, “Yours” before pressing their lips together.  The kiss was all passion and promise and he found himself on his back while his mate licked and nipped at every inch of his body.   Jared kissed his way back up his body and caught his mouth in another devastating kiss.  Reaching up to tangle his hands in the man’s long hair he whispered, “Please Jay,” and his mate nodded, smiling down at him with lust filled eyes.  He reached down and spread Jensen’s legs apart and one long finger began to circle Jensen’s entrance.  Jensen moaned and pressed down, feeling the finger breach him for the first time.  He could feel the wetness between his cheeks and knew his body was ready for Jared.  After a few minutes, Jared had three fingers in him and Jensen was panting and begging.

At that Jared seemed to lose the gentleness and with fierceness he grabbed Jensen and flipped him onto his stomach, positioning Jensen on his knees.  Blanketing the smaller body with his, he whispered in Jensen’s ear, “Ready for my knot, Beta?”  Jensen nodded frantically and tilted his ass back in invitation.  Jared growled in appreciation and slowly entered him.   Jen moaned loudly at the intrusion.  Jared was huge but it felt so good, none of the pain that usually accompanied being a bottom.  Finally Jared bottomed out, his knot right at Jensen’s entrance and he began to move.  The room was silent save for the slap of skin on skin, panting breaths and moans.  Jared began to move faster and Jensen felt like he was going to explode and called out, “God, Alpha, your knot, want your knot,” and right then Jared slipped fully into him for the first time.  At the feeling of being so stretched, Jensen started orgasming immediately, yelling Jared’s name.  As he clenched around Jared, he could feel Jared’s release filling him, Jared face buried in the back of his neck, teeth latched on but not breaking the skin.

After a few minutes when they had both somewhat recovered, Jared arranged them on their sides, still attached to Jensen, spooning him from behind.  He was still fully erect and Jensen could feel himself stirring again, despite the mind blowing orgasm minutes before.

Jared was kissing his neck repeatedly, stroking his hands down Jensen’s body, encircling Jensen’s cock with loose fingers while shifting slightly, making his knot press further in.  Jensen was hard again in an instant, moving his body to entice Jared.  It didn’t take much and Jared was pumping hard into him, hand jerking Jensen’s cock in time to his thrusts and soon they were both coming again.

After a few minutes, panting, Jensen looked over his shoulder at Jared who was snuggled up to his back and said, “How long does this go on?”  Grinning Jared leaned forward to kiss him and said, “Bout another half hour, time for at least one more round.”

Jensen collapsed and heard himself giggle.  “Holy shit, I hit the sex motherlode.”

Jared chuckled and wrapped his arms protectively around him.  “I told you.”

Jensen smiled into the pillow and put his own hands over Jared’s.  “You told me.”

Hands linked, they walked slowly, the earth soft beneath his bare feet, the fragrant air telling him everything he needed to know about the forest and its inhabitants.   The moon was still low in the sky, inching its way up the inky backdrop of night.  Stopping at a small clearing he turned and faced Jensen, feeling the fear and nerves emanating from his mate.

Jensen looked nervous as he said, “What do I do?”

Jared reached out to touch his mates face once, leaned down to kiss him and said, “Just call your wolf.  He will come.”

He stepped back from Jensen and reluctantly released his hand, keeping his eyes on the other man.  Jensen closed his eyes and Jared could see him concentrating for a moment and suddenly, Jensen was gone and a beautiful tan wolf stood before him with his mate’s green eyes.

Jared whooped loudly and immediately transformed.  He approached the other wolf and nuzzled against him, licked his muzzle a few times, then backed away and yipped.  Jensen sprang forward and lost his footing immediately, falling on his furry ass.  Jared snorted and gave his mate another lick, encouraging him to try again.  This time, Jensen moved slower and after a few steps seemed to get it.  He pranced around Jared a few times, and barked.  The expression on his face showed surprise and he stopped once again.  He barked a few more times as if getting a feel for it and his tail wagged.

Jared sat down, amused by his mate’s antics, waiting until he settled down a bit.  He felt calmer, more complete than ever in his life.  Jensen’s transformation was the last piece to fall into place.  He now had a mate, his beta, his Jensen.

After a minute, Jensen approached him, eyes down.  When he got within a couple of feet of Jared, he lowered himself to his belly but kept coming slowly.  When he was in front of Jared he placed his muzzle on Jared’s paws, still not looking up.  Jared’s heart swelled with joy.  Jensen submitting to him.  Lowering his own head he nuzzled the top of Jensen’s, then backed away.  Jensen stood and their eyes locked.  Yipping, Jared raced towards the forest, knowing his mate would follow wherever he led. 

He wasn’t disappointed.

Jared sat in his office thinking about his mate and their “honeymoon” two months ago.  It had gone better than he could have possibly imagined.  Not only did they have so much sex that chafing had almost been an issue, but all his concerns and Jensen’s worries about his first transformation were for nothing.  Jensen had taken to being a wolf naturally.   They had made love all day and napped and then when the moon was high in the night sky they would transform and run and play in the darkened forest until sunrise.

Their bond had deepened during the week away together.  Now they were a truly “mated” couple in all the ways that mattered.  Jared had known about mating his whole life, seen it within his whole family but he had never undersood how powerful it was until now.  Even though Jensen was at the clinic and he was high up in the Padalecki skyscraper, he could feel him.  He grinned a little as he felt different emotions flitter at him through their bond.  Jensen was buzzing on caffeine, irritated with a patient’s lateness, and missing Jared.  He purposely sent a wave of love and desire and chuckled quietly when it was returned with a shot of exasperation.

He tried to concentrate on work, looking at the proposal he was putting together for his father.  Shuffling the papers around, he sighed.  He was not into working; they should have taken a two week honeymoon.  Well it wasn’t really a “honeymoon” since they didn’t get actually married, although within the pack, a claiming and mating held far more significance than the human ritual.  But Jensen was human, or used to be, so maybe he would want to get married?  Jared hadn’t even thought to ask him.  They had been so busy getting Jensen moved in with Jared, and putting Jen’s house on the market and adjusting to living together.  Picking up his cell phone he smiled at the picture of him and Jensen as the background, Jensen kissing his cheek while Jared grinned wildly at the camera and dialed his mate.

Jensen answered with a, “Miss me already, Jay, you clingy bitch?”  Jared could hear the smile in the man’s voice and laughed.

“Yes, although that’s not why I am calling.  Do you think we should get married?”  He heard Jensen gasp slightly on the other end and bit his lip.

“Jared did you call me in the middle of a workday to propose marriage?  Seriously?”

Jared smiled into the phone and said, “I am not proposing, it just occurred to me that you might want it, since you used to be human and all.”  He heard Jensen sigh on the other end of the line and could almost picture the man raking his hand through his hair as he mustered patience for his annoying other half.

Jensen spoke softly into the phone, “Jared, I think the whole biting/blood drinking thing was probably more binding than a piece of paper from some sleazy chapel in Vegas.  Not to mention, I now turn into a really cool wolf at will and have a newfound love/hate relationship with raccoons.”

Jared laughed outright, remembering Jensen’s wolf exuberantly sniffing a raccoon in the forest, only to get swiped on the nose and hissed at by the creature.

“OK well, just making----“ Jared said at the same time Jensen said, “A ring would be nice tho.”

Jared felt his eyebrows rise. “What?”

Jensen blustered for a moment and said, “Nevermind.  Look I gotta go Jay, my patient is finally here.  I’ll see you tonight, ok?  Love you.”

Jared said, “Love you too, Jen, see you tonight,” and ended the call.  A ring.  Hmmmm.  His boy wanted him to put a ring on it.  He could do that.  Smiling again, he sighed and ‘screw it’ to himself.

On his way out the door he called to his secretary Katie, “Out for a bit, got my phone.”

She smiled at him and raised her eyebrows, “Nooner boss?”

Laughing he said, “I wish.  No, need to go shopping.”  Stopping for a moment, he looked at her thoughtfully and said, “Where’s a good place to buy jewelry?”

Flipping her long blonde hair over one shoulder she winked at him and said, “Lemme get my purse,” before coming to stand beside him.   At his questioning look she huffed out, “Well damn boss, you don’t even know where to buy it, you sure as shit aren’t going to pick it out right.  Jensen deserves the best.”  She smiled brightly at him and he shook his head laughing.

“That he does.  Lead the way, pretty lady.”

Despite the client that had been extremely late and yet annoyed that Jensen couldn’t give her the full hour she had booked, his day had gone well.  He liked having a busy schedule at the clinic.   It stopped him from mooning over his mate constantly. He good naturedly put up with ribbing from the staff about his starry expressions and goofy grins when he had a moment to think about Jared and their new life together.  He had never been happier and it showed in everything he did.

Driving his car up the rounded driveway to the Padalecki mansion, he parked and just looked at it for a moment.  Despite its vastness, it had a warm look to it, soft gray stones, white trim around the window edges and dark wood.  Several lights were on, casting a warm glow over the entire house.  Sometimes he had to pinch himself to see if this was a dream and not a fairytale where he met the perfect man and now lived in a palace.

Chuckling at his own childish thoughts, he got out of his car and slung his backpack over one shoulder, making his way to the front door.  Punching in the code he stepped into the large marble foyer and closed the door softly behind him.

Turning to head up the stairs he saw Jared’s mom smiling at him from the entrance to the dining room.  He smiled back, walking over to place a kiss on her cheek.  That was another thing that had changed drastically in his life with Jared.  Jensen had not just a family but one that seemed to love him unconditionally.  He hadn’t had much time with the Padalecki’s but they had been wonderful to him and he already considered them his parents.

Pulling away and smiling at Sherri, Jensen said, “What’s up, gorgeous?”

She smiled and reached to ruffle his hair.  “Not much young man, how was your day?”

“Not too bad,” he replied, “Busy, just the way I like it.  Now all I want is a hot meal, shower and your son, not necessarily in that order.”  He grinned at her and she laughed.  He turned to head up the stairs to their suite but her voice stopped him.

“Actually Jen, your mate is in the dining room waiting for you.  I was put on ‘Jensen’ watch so you would know where he was.”

His surprise must have shown on his face because she shrugged and said, “What can I say, he is a whimsical boy.”  Jensen laughed and walked towards the dining room.  He and Jared rarely ate in there, preferring to take their meals in their suite together, unless there was a family dinner to attend.

Smiling once more, Sherri nodded towards the dining room and headed off down the hallway to the kitchen area.  Jensen watched her go for a moment before stepping into the dining room.  It was a formal, opulent room with deep maroon walls and wood accents; dark grey plush carpeting that you could sink into.  It held a large dining table for 20, hand carved mahogany with the Padalecki Pack insignia etched intricately into the middle of it.  Cloth white chairs surrounded the table and a lavish crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling.  Tonight the chandelier was off, the room instead cast with candlelight from hundreds upon hundreds of candles placed around the large room.  In the center of the dining table sat Jared, cross-legged with a huge grin on his gorgeous face.  In front of him was a six pack of Jensen’s favorite beer on ice and two large pizza boxes.

Approaching the table, Jensen stared at his mate and smiled, saying, “What’s this?”

Jared’s smile deepened, his dimples popping out on each side and Jensen had the urge to jump up on the table and bite them.  “A picnic.”

Jensen raised his eyebrows but dropped his bag on the floor and climbed up on the table, seating himself across from Jared.  Jared popped a beer open and handed it to him.

“Thanks,” he said and his stomach growled as he looked at the pizza boxes.  They were from his favorite place, across town close to where his old house was.  He had told Jared about it once before, although they had never eaten there together.  He caught Jared’s eye and said, “What are you up to?”

Jared shrugged and opened one of the boxes, the fragrant smell almost making Jensen dizzy.  He placed a couple of pieces on a plate and handed it to Jensen.  Hawaiian.  His favorite.  Jared had teased the hell out of him when he told him one night in bed that he loved it but rarely ordered it because it made him feel like a douche.  Jared closed the box and opened the other.  Meat lovers supreme.  Of course, Jensen thought fondly as he watched Jared pile four pieces onto his own plate.

They ate in relative silence, talking in between bites about their day.  After they both ate their fill they finished their beers, chatting about nothing, staring at one another through the short silences in between.  The candlelight danced off Jared’s tanned skin, creating shadows that made his mate look even more beautiful than usual.  Jensen leaned across the table and caught Jared’s mouth with his own, feeling the other man’s mouth open immediately under his.  His tongue swept in and he could taste pepperoni and traces of beer and something uniquely Jared.  Jared moaned softly and pulled Jensen toward him, until he was straddling the large man’s legs.  The kiss caught fire and Jensen felt Jared’s large hands pull him closer and he rocked down onto his mate’s arousal making both of them groan.  He pulled his mouth away from Jared’s and kissed a line down his jaw to his neck, stopping to suck a bruise under his jaw line before gasping and saying, “Let’s go upstairs, Jay.  Want you.”

Jared clutched him closer, bringing Jensen’s ass closer to his large erection and panted.  “Wait Jen, there is something I wanted to talk to you about—but fuck you are distracting.”  He groaned again as Jensen bit his neck softly, throwing his head back to give better access.

Jensen chuckled softly and tangled his fingers in Jared’s silky locks, placing hot open mouthed kisses on his mate’s lips.  “What (kiss) did (lick) you (kiss) want (nibble) to (lick) talk (kiss) about (lick) Jay?”  Jared looked like he was in pain he was so turned on and Jensen reveled in how easy it was to rile him up.  Jared had the same affect on him.  One look or touch and Jensen turned into a puddle of desperate want.

Jared reluctantly pulled away but kept Jensen seated on his legs.  He stared at Jensen for a moment and then said, “I know you said you didn’t care about getting legally married, but I still thought we should have something to show the non Were world that we are ‘official’.  Soooooo.”  At that Jared reached behind him and brought a small blue velvet box between them.  Jensen’s heart clenched painfully as he stared down at it.

Jared eased it open and said softly, “I was hoping you would wear this.”  The platinum ring was nestled in the velvet, a row of diamonds inlaid in the middle of the band.  It was breathtaking.

Jensen felt tears forming in his eyes as he stuttered out, “Yes, I’ll wear it.”  He heard Jared exhale as he took the ring from the box.  Taking Jensen’s hand in his own he slipped it on his ring finger and said, “I want the whole world to know you’re mine.”

Jensen stared down at the gorgeous ring on his finger, the diamonds subtle yet twinkling in the candlelight.  A thought occurred to him and he looked at Jared.  “What about you?  I want everyone to know you are mine too.  Don’t think I don’t see your fan club swooning every time you walk by.”  Jared laughed and reached behind him, pulling out another box.  The ring inside was not the same as Jensen’s, it was platinum but thicker with no diamonds.  Jared handed it to Jensen and said, “I want you to put it on me.  I picked this out, but if you want me to have something different, just say so.”

Jensen took the ring and placed it on Jared’s finger, holding their hands together to see both rings at once.  They looked like a matched set.  Different but linked, much like them.

Gazing into Jared’s eyes, Jensen said, “They’re perfect, just like you.  And when did I become such a cheesy sap?”

Jared grinned and said, “The moment you fell madly in love with the man of your dreams.”

Jensen huffed out a laugh and said, “Yeah right, I barely put up with you.”

At that Jared slid Jensen off his lap and stood up.  His pupils were lust blown and he smiled sexily at Jensen.  “Well then, time to barely put up with me, mate.  Or better yet, put out.”

At that he hefted Jensen over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry and almost ran to their suite.  Despite his voiced outraged at being treated like a damsel in distress, Jensen was completely turned on at how easily Jared could manhandle him. 

Just one of the many reasons he was so in love with the man.

Throwing his mate gently down on the bed, Jared stared down at him.  Jensen’s gazed back at him, eyelids half closed and his mouth turned up in a sexy smile.  He writhed around on their large bed and said, “I love it when you get all beasty on me like that.”

Jared climbed on top of him and growled, “I’ll show you beasty.”

He caught Jensen’s mouth with his own pushing his tongue into the smaller mans mouth.  They fought for control over the kiss while Jared ran his hands down Jensen’s sides, pulling at his mate’s clothes impatiently.  Pulling his mouth away from Jensen’s reluctantly he panted slightly and said, “I want you naked.  Right. The Fuck. Now.”  He punctuated his words with deep kisses and smiled when Jensen nodded breathlessly and started tearing at his own clothes.  Standing back up, Jared quickly removed his own clothing while not letting his eyes leave the tanned freckled skin Jensen was baring.  When they were both naked, Jared reached out and flipped Jensen over onto his belly, earning a surprised yelp from his mate.

He quickly covered the smaller man’s back, licking and sucking marks into his neck and shoulders and he stroked his hands down his body.  He moved downward slowly, making sure to kiss, lick and bite every inch of freckled skin he came into contact with.  Jensen moaned and writhed against him, making Jared even harder as he worshipped his lover’s body with his mouth.  He finally reached Jensen’s gorgeous ass and bit down on one cheek lightly, chuckling against it when he felt the man gasp and push his ass back at him.  Pulling himself even lower, he grasped the firm cheeks and pulled them apart, admiring his mate’s already slick hole.  The scent of Jensen drove him crazy, his mouth watered in anticipation and he leaned in and licked lightly over the puckered entrance.  Jensen gasped out Jared’s name breathlessly and Jared leaned in closer and began licking and sucking, thrusting his tongue into the small hole, while Jensen bucked backwards chasing the feeling.  He lapped at the slick hole, the taste and scent of his mate making him dizzy with desire.  He slipped a finger in along his tongue and Jensen started to beg and whine in a broken voice.  Taking pity on him, Jared quickly added another finger, scissoring them quickly to prepare his lover for him.  Soon he was fucking Jensen with three fingers and Jensen was bucking wildly, begging Jared to fuck him before he took care of things himself.

Moving back up his back, he slid his whole body against Jensen’s, his hard cock nestling between the man’s ass cheeks in a deliciously teasing way.  Rutting lightly against his mate he muttered, “Fuck Jen, want you so bad.”

In a quick move Jensen rolled over taking Jared’s mouth in a hot kiss before pushing at Jared to lie on his back.  Leaning over him, Jensen took one of his nipples into his mouth, sucking and biting at it softly.  Jared groaned and grasped the back of Jensen’s head to hold him in place, desire igniting through his veins like wildfire.  Jensen moved to the other nipple paying it the same sort of lavish attention as the first before moving down slowly biting and licking his way down Jared’s firm stomach.  He sucked a small bruise into Jared’s hip, causing him to rut into the air desperately begging for Jensen’s mouth.  Jensen grinned up at him wickedly before swallowing him down to the root, humming and sucking.  Jared’s head fell back at the sensation of his mate’s mouth around his cock and he fought the desire to just fuck into that moist heat until completion.  Far too soon Jensen pulled off him with a pop and crawled up Jared’s body.  He whispered “Sit up,” into Jared’s ear before nibbling on an earlobe and Jared almost unseated him in his haste to do his bidding.   Once he was propped up he watched Jensen position himself over Jared’s hard, leaking cock and his breath caught in his throat.  They hadn’t tried this position before and Jared wasn’t sure he could survive the hotness of his mate riding him.

Leaning forward to press his lips against Jared’s, Jensen slowly lowered himself down on Jared’s dick, groaning as inch by inch filled him.  When he was almost fully seated against Jared’s knot, he looked at Jared with glassy eyes and moved up slowly and back down.  Jared bit his lip to control himself and put his hands on Jensen’s hips to steady him, but let his mate set the pace.  Jensen was so tight and hot inside, Jared fought to control his animal instinct to thrust wildly into his mate.  Jensen started a slow rhythm, bouncing himself up and down effortlessly on Jared.  Jared groaned at the sight.

“Fuck Jen you look so hot riding me.”  Jensen moaned and quickened the pace, bracing his hands on Jared’s thighs, his own hard cock bobbing with his motions.  Jared tightened his hands on Jensen’s hips and started thrusting up while his mate thrust down and they both moaned at the movement.  Jared hit Jensen’s prostate dead on and Jensen cried out while Jared aimed for that spot time and time again.  The pace became frantic as they both chased their orgasms and Jensen took his own cock in his hands, stripping it quickly.  With a final shove, Jared impaled Jensen on his knot and Jensen almost screamed as his orgasm claimed him, shooting hot come over his and Jared’s chest.  Watching his mate come apart for him and feeling the clench of his muscles around his cock sent Jared over the edge and he grunted as he thrust up wildly into Jensen, filling his mate.  Still thrusting against one another lightly they came down from the rush of their lovemaking and Jensen collapsed against Jared.  Still shaking, Jared arranged them face to face on their sides, his cock still tied to his mate and wrapped Jensen’s legs around his waist.   They kissed slowly, not speaking for a long while.

Jensen pulled away after a while and tangled their fingers together, staring down at the shiny bands on their joined hands.  After a moment he looked back up into Jared’s eyes and smiled softly.  “Thanks for making an honest man out of me, Jay.”

Jared’s heart swooped at the love and adoration he saw in Jensen’s eyes and he pulled the man closer. 

“Someone had to do it, Jen.  I just got fucking lucky is all.”  With that he sealed his words with a kiss.

His life was perfect.  So of course, that’s when the shit hit the proverbial fan.

It was no secret that Chad was intimidated by Pack Alpha Gerald Padalecki.  What was a surprise was for the last couple of months, they had been inseparable.  Even Jared had noticed, teasing Chad about being a suck up to get a better position in the company.  Chad wanted desperately to explain to Jared what was actually going on, but he was sworn to secrecy by Jared’s father, who albeit a nice man, scared the shit out of Chad.

It had started months before when Chad had overheard the conversation between Genevieve and JD.  When he had told Gerald the extent of the call, they had spent two hours strategizing.  It was clear to both men that JD wanted to be the Pack Alpha and Gen had decided to aid him when she had found out Jared had mated to a male human.  Although there was no law that mates had to be male/female, the Pack was less than impressed with the idea that the future pack Alpha would not sire offspring.  It might not unseat the Padalecki’s, but it would create doubts in the Pack and weaken the Pack itself.

Chad had come up with an idea that completely surprised and amused Gerald to the degree that he had gotten a $10,000 bonus on his last paycheck.  When he enquired about it, Gerald had laughed and said, “You earned it, boy.  Your deviousness knows no bounds.”  Chad took that as a compliment.

Now the time had come.  JD had called a special meeting of the Padalecki pack, citing his “concerns regarding the future of the Pack.”  Shit was about to go down and Chad had a front row seat.  It didn’t get much more awesome than that in his mind.

It was unusual for a meeting to be held on a Saturday before a full moon.  Usually the pack was busy preparing for the change at that time.  Meetings were usually held the first Saturday after the full moon.  His father had insisted both he and Jensen attend and they were now in their suite getting ready for it.

Jensen came out of the bathroom dressed in black dress pants and an emerald green shirt, sleeves cuffed up over sculpted forearms, open at the throat.  Jared smiled at his gorgeous mate before walking over and bending down to kiss him.  They tangled tongues for a moment before Jensen pulled away saying, “Don’t muss me, I just got ready.”

Jared chuckled and reached around to pinch his mate’s perfect ass.  “Yes I know and now I want to muss you up.”

Jensen pursed his lips and blew a kiss to Jared before dancing away and saying, “Later big boy, we got a meeting to go to.”

Huffing impatiently, Jared exaggerated his annoyance by finishing dressing himself.  He wore grey pants and a light blue shirt, stretched perfectly over his muscles.  His hair as usual was a mess but he raked it off his forehead and declared himself ready to go.


The meeting room was loud as usual, people talking over one another, laughing and jostling around like a litter of pups.  Jared looked around the room with fondness, seeing so many he considered family.  He noticed Jensen was chatting with a few of the other ‘Betas” and smiled to himself.  His mate fit right into the Pack.  With his slight shyness, beautiful appearance and warm heart, Jared knew Jensen had won over many a pack member in the last few months. Both women laughed at something Jensen said and looked in Jared’s direction.  He felt a blush touch his cheeks as he smiled and looked away.  Who the hell knew what Jensen was telling them?

His father appeared and sat down in his seat, leaning over to talk quietly with Jim Beaver.  The pack room was almost like a court room.  The higher levels sat elevated while the rest of the pack sat in chairs nearer the main floor.  Jared and Jensen sat in between, on a level that was slightly raised but not equal to the higher members of the Pack.

Jim Beaver nodded once more at his father and then spoke into his mic.  “Let’s get this show on the road so we can get to the fun stuff.”  People chuckled as they found their seats.  It was usual for after a meeting to have a large party with food and drinks and music, making it easy for Pack members to mingle and socialize with one another.  Jared always loved those times, the food and sense of family constantly reignited his passion for his Pack.

When everyone was seated, Gerald spoke.  “I know it isn’t usual for our meetings to be held before a full moon, but this was formally requested by JD Morgan.  I will now give him the floor.”

Jared turned to the front podium, watching as JD Morgan approached it slowly.  He never really liked JD.  He sensed he was conniving, untrustworthy and power hungry.   JD smiled at the crowd and spoke in what Jared could only call his “Let me sell you a used car” voice.

“Fellow Padalecki pack members.  I stand here before you today with a heavy heart.  As a loyal member of this pack, I feel compelled to come forward with my concerns regarding our future.”

Jared heard several murmurs in the crowd, all eyes on JD.  He felt Jensen’s hand in his own and squeezed once, offering support.  Somehow, he knew this had to do with him and his mate.

JD continued.  “As we all know, the heir to the Pack, Jared, has taken a male mate.  While this is joyous news, it leads us to question the future of the Padalecki claim on this pack.  Surely two men are not meant to sire a child.  For this reason, I seek to petition a change of leadership in the Pack.  I am a male Alpha---“

At that someone called out.  “Unmated.”

JD smiled warmly and said, “Until recently.  I have found my mate and she is lovely and fertile.”  At that, Genevieve walked to stand beside him, her gaze on Jared alone.  He felt his blood run cold at the hatred he saw in her eyes.

Although they were a striking couple, there was nothing between JD and Gen that suggested they had mated.  Jared looked around the room seeing several confused looks directed at him and Jensen and Gen and JD.  Jensen hand tightened in his, and he saw his mates lips thin in anger.

JD continued.  “This is my mate, Genevieve.  You all know her.  I feel that we would be better representatives of the Dallas not Padalecki pack, since Gen is already pregnant with my pups.”  Shocked gasps erupted from the crowd as he patted Gen’s belly lovingly.

Interrupting the fake loving moment, Gerald finally spoke.  “This is your biggest concern, that my son is mated to a human male, well a previous human male and therefore will not be able or willing to sire an heir?”

JD had the presence of mind to look slightly ashamed before nodding affirmatively.

Gerald smiled and said, “Well then, I am happy to put your fears at ease, Pack member Morgan.”

JD and Gen both looked confused.  Jared saw a side door open and to his surprise Chad emerged hand in hand with Jensen’s gorgeous friend, Daneel.  He heard Jensen gasp “Danni” and he put his arm around his mate, sending him calm waves.

After a bit of shuffling they were seated to the right of Gerald and he spoke again.

“Chad, I understand you can provide more information on this matter.”

Jared’s best friend nodded and swallowed, his eyes meeting Danni’s one more time before he spoke.

“Yes Alpha.  This is Danneel Harris.  She is Jensen’s best friend from college.  She attended their mating ceremony a few months ago.  She has stated she is more than willing to act as surrogate for Jared and Jensen when they are willing to start a family.  She has been tested and proven fertile.”

Danneel smile at Jared and Jensen then, and Jared felt his heart swelling at this proclamation.

JD sputtered and said, “She is not wolf, not like Gen and I, their offspring will not be pure pack.”

Gerald stared at the man for a moment before speaking.  “There is nothing to say that both parents must be ‘born wolf’ to sire an Alpha heir to a pack and you know that.  My own grandmother was human before being claimed and she had no trouble giving birth to my father.  Your argument is invalid packmember Morgan.  Do you have any other concerns you wish to address at this time?”

JD’s shoulders slumped in defeat as he muttered “No Alpha.”  Genevieve looked murderous as they left the room, wrenching her arm from JD’s as they walked.

Before he could react, Jared felt Jensen’s hand on his cheek as he turned Jared toward him, covering his mouth with his own. 

It was a good night.

EPILOGUE – 5 years later
Goddamn ruffians, Jensen thought as he watched his two sons wrestling with their “Papa”.  Jared had only gotten more beautiful with time and their sons – Craig and Jacob looked just like him, despite Jacob having Danneel’s gorgeous brown eyes and easy smile.

They all stopped and stared as the back door swung open and Chad and Danni walked onto the back porch.  Both boys abandoned Jared immediately shouting “Mama” at Danni and throwing themselves into her arms.  She smiled adoringly and kissed the top of their heads.

“Easy boys, Mama is carrying another baby.  This one is for me and Chad though.”  Chad beamed and Jensen thumped him on the back.  Over the years, Chad had proven to be a loyal and good friend and his love for Danni was never ending.

Jacob ran to Jensen and snuggled into his arms saying “Daddy lovies” while Craig just looked at Danni speculatively.  “So, you are carrying another baby.  My cousin?”  His look was so hopeful Jensen could feel his own lips curling up in a grin.

“More like half sibling, my love.  Only this one will have Chad be the Daddy and me be the Mama.  You OK with that Sport?”

Craig, very serious for a four year old thought for a moment before saying, “Well as long as I have you and Papa and Daddy, I guess another baby is OK.”

Chad laughed and slung one arm around Craig’s neck.  “Thanks kiddo, I appreciate that.”

Jared bounded up the steps to the porch, kissing Danni on the cheek and punching Chad on the arm before seating himself beside Jensen.  He stroked Jacob’s hair softly and said, “More family.  Always a good thing.”

Jensen looked over at his mate and felt his heart swell.  He leaned forward to press his lips to Jared and reiterated, “Always a good thing.”

And it was.

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Thank you so much for reading and commenting! I am glad you liked it!

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