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SPN-J2 Big Bang 2013 Wolf Like Me
Fic title: Wolf Like Me
Author name: happysgolucky
Artist name: sillie82
Genre: rps, au
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC17
Word count: 29,993
Summary: Werewolves and humans don’t usually mix, but there are rare times when mates are found among the human population. Jared is a cocky alpha destined to take over when his father retires. He isn’t interested in finding a mate at all, preferring casual hook ups over entanglements. Jensen is a human physical therapist who has no idea that werewolves exist. Destined to meet, this is their love story.

Author Notes: I would like to thank the whole J2/SPN community for providing me so much inspiration with the amazing stories I have found here. They gave me the courage to finally try to write one! I would like to thank my amazing beta, jonjokeat, who gave me so much helpful advice. And a special thanks to sillie82 for the amazing art work for this story. She has amazing talent.

Disclaimer: I don't own these people and make up stories about them for my own
enjoyment. No money has been made from this fiction.

Wolf Like Me
Part I

The baby was small, pink, and slightly wrinkled looking. A mass of chocolate brown curls looked out of place on someone so young, but it was a Padalecki tradition, one of many. Slanted hazel eyes gazed up into Gerry’s, and he felt his heart swell. His heir. His everything. His eyes met Sherri’s over the head of their newborn son and she smiled softly at him, reading her mate’s thoughts so easily.

“He’s going to change things,” she stated, but her smile belied the ominous words.

“God, I hope so,” Gerry breathed. Bending down he placed a kiss on his son’s forehead. “Welcome to the world, Jared Tristan Padalecki.”


Jared sat across the large mahogany desk, tracing patterns in the wood rather than meeting his father’s eyes. His mother was standing behind his father, one perfectly manicured hand sitting on his shoulder, as if to remind him to keep his temper. Jared wasn’t sure it was working.

“Jared, you need to stop screwing around with everything that moves and get some responsibility.” Jared’s head jerked up at that. At 24 years old he was one of the youngest executives in Padalecki Enterprises. Sure, his father owned the company, but Jared had graduated college early and gotten his MBA by the time he was 21. He has started out mid management with the company and had worked his way up to one of the Vice President positions. “Responsibility?” Jared snorted. “Dad, I am the youngest executive to close three major deals in a year. I haven’t missed a day of work in three years. How am I irresponsible?”

His father gave him a small indulgent smile and his voice softened. “Jared, I am incredibly proud of your hard work and dedication to the business. You have proven yourself over and over again. I am speaking now of your-romantic pursuits.”

Jared wanted to laugh but knew it wasn’t a good idea. He would hardly call his sex life “romantic pursuits”. He basically fucked anything that interested him. Only once though. No one was getting his knot. He was young and enjoyed variety. He met his father’s gaze dead on across the desk, but didn’t say a word.

“You need to find a mate, my Son. You are destined to take over the Pack as well as the company. You need a strong beta by your side.” Jared sighed and raked his fingers through his unruly hair, his slanted eyes meeting his mother’s gaze, a slight plea in them. She looked sympathetic but was nodding in agreement with his father words.

“What if I am not ready yet? I’m only 24.” Jared knew he sounded vaguely childish and whiny but he couldn’t bring himself to care. He hated feeling pressured into finding a mate. He had doubts he would ever meet anyone he wanted to see the next morning.

His father gave him a small smile but his eyes were hard. “Son, you are the future leader of the Pack and you need to stop sticking your dick into anything with a pulse and find your mate.”

Jared’s eyes widened at the order. “But Dad-“ His father cut him off brusquely and said, “That is an order from your Alpha, not your Father.”

Jared nodded his acquiescence but in his mind he thought, ‘like hell I will look for a mate’.


The club music was so loud Jared could feel it pounding into his chest, place so packed the air felt tropical in the middle of a Dallas winter. He watched the crowd from the sofa he lounged on, eyes scraping over the mass of dancing, sweaty bodies. He had an itch to scratch but nothing was appealing to him at that moment.

He thought about the conversation earlier this week with his parents and what they expected. He knew it wasn’t just them, it was the whole Pack. Everyone was waiting for him to find his mate that would help him lead the pack into the future, but he wasn’t sure that was what he wanted. He couldn’t imagine wanting just one person for the rest of his life. He hooked up a lot; after all he was a good looking 24 year old male, but never more than once. More than once could turn into a habit and the last thing he wanted was someone making a habit out of him.

His parents had tried matchmaking with members of his pack and the outer packs, but nothing stuck. Women and men alike appealed to Jared on a physical scale, but there was nothing that made him feel like he even wanted to know more about the person than their warm body for the night. He knew it frustrated his parents and his pack, but he was determined to live how he wanted. He wasn’t the pack Alpha yet, so why act the part?

He sighed again and took a gulp of cold beer as he saw Chad make his way over to him, watching as he stopped to talk with two small brunette girls. He flicked his head in Jared’s direction and Jared groaned as both girls looked over at him with what could only be called awe.

Being the heir to the Padalecki Pack was a double-edged sword for Jared and had been his whole life. Sure, it was great that everyone kinda fawned over him, treated him like he was special, but, by the same token, he never knew if anyone truly liked him for just being Jared. Well, except Chad, who had been his best friend since before they could walk and could give a shit that Jared would eventually lead their pack. Chad was a douche but he was loyal and had Jared’s back as a best friend, not just a pack member.

Jared raised a brow at Chad and gave him a slight head shake and he watched amused as Chad rolled his eyes and gave the girls a ‘sorry’ with a shrug and loped over to where Jared was sitting. He plunked down beside him and handed Jared a fresh beer, leaning over to yell into his ear, “Nice cockblock bro, you ever think about anyone but yourself?”

Jared grinned and took a pull off the fresh beer leaning into Chad. “Hey, if you can’t get laid on your own, it’s not my problem.”

Chad snorted and elbowed Jared in the ribs. “Fuck you Jared, I can get laid on my own. S’just a lot easier when I have the future King willing to play my wingman.”

Jared laughed and bumped his shoulder into Chad’s. His eyes scanned the crowd again and he felt an itch between his shoulder blades, like he was missing something. His hazel eyes scanned the crowd again, and he buried a frustrated sound when he didn’t see anything he wanted. What the fuck was going on? His nose twitched suddenly and underneath all the other scents in the club he found himself straining for one in particular. Huh. It smelled like fresh cut grass and sandalwood, spicy and delicious and again his eyes roamed the crowd searching out the source. He turned to Chad.

“You smell that?”

Chad’s eyebrows went up and he sniffed at the air, shoulders shrugging as he said, “More humans here than usual, but other than that, nope.” Humans came to their clubs and restaurants, most of them none the wiser regarding the fact they were literally “amongst the wolves.” Jared avoided humans as a rule. He had been raised pack and he didn’t understand their dynamics or rituals anymore than they would understand the pack. He had fucked a few but had kept his knot far away from them. The last thing he wanted was to tie himself to anyone, but particularly a human who had no idea of his very existence.

Some humans knew about the packs, normally they were high ranking in politics or business and they had reasons to be trusted. His pack alone supported several politicians and companies, buying their loyalty and silence at the same time. Those contacts had led his pack to its ongoing success financially. Jared himself was worth millions upon millions of dollars, some inherited and some invested wisely by the right sources. Money meant power in both the human and Were world.

Jared’s eyes darted up as two men strolled past his couch. The scent caught in his nose again and he stood quickly, following them without even being fully aware of it. Chad’s voice hit his back but Jared had no idea what he said, his intent solely focused on the other two men, now stopped in front of the bar.

One was shorter, stockier with long hair and blue eyes that flicked up at Jared suspiciously. Jared suddenly realized he was right behind them, staring intently, nostrils flaring trying to take in as much of the scent as he could. He dismissed the short guy and his eyes landed on the other man who had turned to look at Jared questioningly at the same time as his friend.

Jared’s breath caught in his throat when he looked at the man. Golden brown hair bed mussed and spiked sexily like someone had just run their hands through it, heavy lidded green eyes fringed with long lashes and the most luscious lips Jared had ever seen. He was so beautiful Jared heard someone gasp and only belatedly realized it was him. The man was broad shouldered and a few inches shorter than Jared’s own 6’5 and as he turned to face him, he could see the definition of muscles underneath the man’s t-shirt.

The man’s green eyes went from curious to almost comically wide as he took in Jared’s appearance, and he licked his lips unconsciously, Jared’s eyes tracking the movement. The man opened his mouth a few times and when he spoke, the roughness of his voice had Jared hard in an instant.


Jared came back to himself enough to smile widely, dimples creasing his cheeks as he responded breathlessly, “Hey.”

The club was way too packed and Jensen was berating himself mentally for allowing Chris to talk him into coming. He had already had a long day and the night was getting longer as he watched the masses of people in the too loud club.

Chris had begged, pleaded and threatened to get him out, telling Jensen he had heard this particular club was the best in Dallas. Jensen had only lived in Dallas for a couple of years and most of that time he had spent working and getting settled into the small house he bought. He wasn’t much for crowds and clubs and well….people.

Chris was one of his only friends, and so Jensen had allowed himself to be guilted into a night out he really didn’t want. He had spent most of the night mentally going over the repairs he would be doing on his house the next day and sipping his beer. Chris had been checking out every hot girl that walked by and Jensen had stopped rolling his eyes every time based on the fact it was getting almost painful. Sure he wanted his friend to find someone but since Jensen’s taste didn’t fall into the female category, he found it hard to work up any real enthusiasm for the girls Chris pointed out.

After a couple of hours Jensen had felt restless suddenly, as if he couldn’t sit still and he wondered if he was just getting antsy from sitting so long. He talked Chris into heading up to the bar for fresh beers. As they walked through the club, Jensen had kept his eyes straight forward, unwilling to put out any sort of vibe to anyone. Suddenly he smelled something that seemed like a combination of every good thing he could remember in his life. Beaches, apple pie and worn leather, all separate and yet together in one intoxicating fragrance and Jensen found himself looking around trying to find the source of it.

As they approached the bar, he shouted his order to the bartender and realized the smell was almost overpowering his senses. He turned and saw a huge man behind him, his eyes fixed so intently on Jensen he found himself feeling anxious and shy. His gaze darted to Chris who was looking up at the man with suspicion and then he himself turned to face him. His mouth went dry as he looked into slanted hazel eyes, longish floppy hair and high cheekbones. The man was even taller than him and built like a brick shithouse. His shoulders were broad, chest rippling under a tight t-shirt, biceps clearly defined and bulging. His eyes never left Jensen’s except to watch as Jensen licked his lips nervously.

He said the first thing he could think of.


The man mouth turned up into a grin, the most gorgeous dimples Jensen had ever seen breaking out on each side of his smile as he looked down at him.



The guy standing behind them was huge and Chris felt himself tense immediately at the man’s proximity. He was too close and his gaze was almost fierce the way he was looking at Jen. Chris tried to give him the “back off buddy” face but it wasn’t working. He looked at Jensen and was shocked that he seemed almost as transfixed as the other guy.

In the two years since they had become friends Chris hadn’t seen Jensen show any interest in anyone. He knew he was gay, but he seemed almost asexual. There were times that he wanted to ask him if something had happened, but as great as Jen was, he wasn’t a sharing and caring kind of guy.

They worked at the same clinic, watched ball games, hung out, jammed from time to time, but Chris knew that even as his closest friend he had only scratched the surface when it came to Jensen. He didn’t pry, he just hung out and waited patiently until Jen was ready, if ever, to tell him about himself.

And now he was watching Jensen have a visceral reaction to a complete stranger and Chris would be lying if he said it didn’t freak him the hell out. He just had no idea what to do about it, but his instincts were telling him to grab Jensen and get the hell away from the huge guy crowding them at the bar.


Standing there just staring at the guy in front of him was making him feel like a complete fool but he couldn’t help himself. His heart was beating wildly in his chest and every time he breathed in, the scent of the man was overwhelming his senses. He could feel his wolf responding to it, telling him to claim, own, want, mine, mine, mine. He shook his head trying to clear his mind and stared at the man again.

The green eyes were watching Jared closely and he felt a blush stain his own cheeks, wondering what this human could possibly be thinking about what was happening between them.

The guy stuck out his hand and put a slight smile on his face. “Uh, I’m Jensen.”

Jared took his hand slowly, feeling the current of electricity shoot up his arm from the contact and his wolf howled in him, demanding more, now now now. Jared gulped convulsively and tried to smile, not wanting to scare the man. “Jared.” Great he was reduced to one word replies. Awesome first impression.

The man looked down at their hands speculatively and back up at Jared with a question in his eyes. Jared realized that he had been holding the man’s hand for far longer than a normal handshake and loosened his fingers, feeling the loss of contact the moment the man (Jensen, his brain sang the name) removed his hand from him.

“This is Chris,” Jensen said, flicking his hand in the shorter man’s direction. Jared tore his eyes away from Jensen long enough to see the look of utter disapproval on Chris’ face.

“Nice to meet you both,” Jared said as smoothly as possible although his gaze swung instantly back to Jensen. His nostrils flared once more taking in the heady scent of the man and he moved closer unconsciously. If Jensen was disarmed by Jared’s too close presence he didn’t react but he saw from the corner of his eye that Chris’s eyes had widened and he spoke roughly.

“Are you a---“ he broke off and his mouth gaped open at Jared. Jared looked at him sharply realizing suddenly that somehow Chris knew EXACTLY what he was and tried not to flinch. Shit.

Chris sprang into action, grabbing Jensen by the shoulder and muscling him past Jared. “We gotta go, nice to meet you, Jared,” he said, almost snarling Jared’s name.

Jensen looked confused and a little pissed off as Chris carted him away from Jared, throwing glances back at Jared as Chris almost pushed him out the door of the bar. Jared just stood there, mouth hanging open, staring after them, while trying to process the thoughts running rampant in his mind.

A few minutes later, Chad came up and cuffed him on the arm. “What the fuck is with you, man? Who were those guys?” Chad’s squinty blue eyes were fixed hard on him and Jared swallowed loudly and tore his eyes off the door where he had seen Jensen last.

“Mate.” Jared looked a little lost as he said it and Chad’s face screwed up in a tight grimace.

“Mate? You sure?” Chad’s expression went from pissed to worried to curious in about half a second. Jared nodded jerkily.

“Well, fuck, there go our barhopping days.” Chad slapped him on the shoulder which was probably supposed to be comforting although it was a little harder than it should have been.

Jared shook out of his Jensen thoughts long enough to say, “Chad, he’s human. And his human friend knew I was a wolf. Besides, I am totally not ready to settle down with a mate yet.” The word mate tasted bitter on his tongue and he swallowed it down.

Now Chad’s was a mixture of confused and amused. “Jared, I don’t think you have a choice, man. When you find your mate, bam, it’s done. You don’t get a say in it. Even if it is a human.”

Jared turned to Chad with a glint in his eye and his chin rose stubbornly. “Watch me.”

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*“Mate.” Jared looked a little lost as he said it and Chad’s face screwed up in a tight grimace.

“Mate? You sure?” Chad’s expression went from pissed to worried to curious in about half a second. Jared nodded jerkily.* MUahahaha this makes me cackle! Poor Jared.. for now :)

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